Memory Foam Mattress Topper

There are a wide variety of mattress toppers on the market, ranging from latex mattress topper to memory mattress topper. There are various benefits in using either one of them, all depending on health, the level of comfort one wants to experience, price, sleeping partner issues. None of these concerns can be eliminated when choosing the right mattress topper for you.

Regardless of the type, the reason people decide to add a mattress topper on their mattress is to add extra comfort to their beds. If a mattress is too soft, the right topper can add extra support for the people who have joint pains, and if the mattress is too soft, the right topper will add luxury and comfort without taking away the firmness of the mattress.

The most popular type is the memory mattress topper, it seems to offer the most support with people who have joint pains, muscle pains and arthritis. Pricewise is also better for people who cannot afford the bit more expensive and luxurious latex mattress topper type. The latex mattress topper has similar support, but it is made of latex rubber, which is a natural hypoallergenic material. Very few people experience allergy to latex, so for those memory foam is the better choice.

There are two other mattress topper types that are also available, but not as popular as the former two. Nevertheless they are worth mentioning here. Feather mattress toppers add extra cushioning instead of support, and if you like to feel cozy and cuddled while sleeping, this topper is for you. Wool mattress toppers are another type which offer softness and temperature regulation. They extra high price make it a less feasible choice for the regular folks, like us, who want the extra comfort without paying outrageously for it.

Choosing the right mattress topper is a personal preference for each of us. The level of comfort, luxury, safety and price are all very valid concerns when it comes to buying the perfect mattress topper. However if you are in the 80% of the population, you will go either for a latex mattress topper, or a memory mattress topper. Personally at home, I have a latex mattress topper and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

This 2 inch memory foam mattress topper has been originally developed in the seventies by NASA as a way to protect the astronauts from excessive G forces. This is one foam mattress topper that truly remembers the natural contours of your body, which allows it to provide you with an excellent comfort and body support.
Your body is given maximum airflow, which ensures full support that holds your spine and joins resting comfortably in their normal position. This is achieved by a fully ergonomic and innovative design.

For example, should you suffer from back pain or you tend to wake up with stiff neck in the mornings, this mattress is perfect for you because it naturally conform to your body weight and shape, responding to weight and warmth. It cradles every curve of your body. Experts in the medical field, including chiropractors emphasize that this particular mattress relieves pressure points on shoulders, hips and knees, which simply provides you with the best neck and spinal support possible.

Also if you suffer from allergies, this memory foam mattress topper is hypoallergenic, make it ideal for you. Being fire retardant to BS5852 is an added bonus for everybody.

One of the toppers Amazon recommends is the Sleep Better 3-Inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper which is said to reduce nighttime tossing and turning, eliminating lack of sleep due to the hardness of the mattress. It is made of visco-elastic memory foam which relieves the pressure points by taking the contour of your body. As most memory mattress toppers, it is hypo-allergenic and this particular brand comes with a 5 years warranty. Currently it is nicely discounted at Amazon, which makes it a great choice to purchase: quality for an unbeatable price.

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