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Latex mattress topper is one of the most popular and widely used solutions to problems such as back pain and sleep disorders. The hectic life we lead in the modern day world has led to a number of problems such as posture problems, joint pains and body stiffness become a common occurrences. While there are many medical remedies which aim to help a person combat these ailments, one of the most effective and easiest ways to address these problems is the use of a specialized mattress which can suit the requirements of the person in question.

What is a latex mattress topper?

A common mattress is something which is designed to fulfill the needs for a basic surface to sleep and rest. In order to be able to fulfill the numerous needs which a person might have in particular, a mattress topper is one of the most commonly used additions to personalize the mattress. A latex mattress topper is like a covering which comes over the normal mattress and the uses of the same are many. Not only does the mattress serve as a covering over the basic mattress, the same also provides for the much required support and comfort as per the specific requirements for the person.


There are many ways in which a person can benefit by the use of a latex mattress topper. While a basic mattress will be able to provide for the basic comfort one looks for in a sleeping surface, at times the requirements might be such that a specialized solution would be required. The latex mattress topper not only serves as a protective covering over the mattress as such, it also provides a much more comfortable surface to sleep and rest on. The topers are available in a many varieties in terms of the density and thickness and the same allows a person to be able to choose the one which is best suited for the needs. Once the choice has been made, the ease of use of the topper is another big advantage which the latex mattress topper has. With the regular use of this toper, a person can effectively combat sleep posture disorders and many other such ailments. Another big advantage which this topper has is that once these are out of shape or need replacement, the job can be easily done. Overall, the life span of the normal mattress also increases and the person ends up saving some amount of money in the whole bargain.


While the latex mattress topper comes forth as a great way to combat the ill effects of sleep disorders and posture and joint pain related problems, there are certain facets of the use of these toppers which are not very encouraging towards the use of the same. The latex toppers are one of the most expensive topers which one can find in the markets today. As a result, the overall effect on the financial planning of the person might be a cause of concern. Another common problem while using these toppers is the fact that these tend to give out a characteristic odor in the initial days of use. The same might end up disrupting sleep for the initial days for some people. In case the toppers have been prepared using separate parts, there is a possibility of the joints posing a hurdle towards a comfortable sleep. Additionally, the toppers too need some amount of care and the time spent in providing the same to these toppers is something which might not be readily available.

The latex mattress and latex mattress topper has increased tremendously in popularity in the last few years due to the people’s desire to sleep better at night on softer surfaces that do not have inner-spring coils. Latex has a tendency to distribute weight thus relieving pressure points. However it has also many added benefits.

Latex is harvested from rubber trees, so it is a sustainable resource which is antibacterial, it resists mold, mildew and dust-mites quite easily. It is really such a durable item that latex mattress toppers are known to last up to 20-30 years. Sometimes the whole bed doesn’t last for that long.

Knowing this, all mattress and topper manufacturers are constantly putting their efforts in creating a latex mattress topper that distributes body weight the best way possible, thus making it perfect even for people with a massive amount of body weight. As we grow older, most of us become more sensitive to the rheumatism and other joints pains and it has been advised the people should change their mattresses and their toppers more often in their 50’s.

The latex mattress toppers are also suitable for mattresses which have impressions from too much wear. These do not have the problem of indentation or the loss of supporting capabilities due to the resilience of the latex topper’s natural rubber internal make up.

A latex mattress topper offers several benefits that are also found in latex mattresses and they cost less as well. The latex topper conforms quite nice to your body shape, distributes your body weight evenly and gives an additional layer in size of 2″ and 3″ which is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and mold, mildew and dust mites resistant. So if you have a latex mattress, combine it with a latex mattress topper and you’ll have a wonderful sleeping experience for many years to come.

When using latex foam, you can be sure that you will get some special features and benefits, which have made this particular type mattress materials a most popular one in the recent years. No wonder, since natural latex is environmentally friendly, it is very durable, it is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, and last but no least it gives you the quality of sleeping experience that you won’t find it in your usual, traditional inner-spring mattresses.

Why would you want to add a latex mattress topper to your bed? There are several reasons for this as we will see below.

It is durable and it has a high longevity. Simply put, when you purchase a latex mattress topper, you will have a long-term investment. Latex beds can last up to 30 years due to the durability of this high quality product.

Offers additional orthopedic support and luxury. The latex mattress toppers are great to be used by everyone, even if their weight is over 250 pounds. They are therapeutic in nature and they totally conform to the body’s natural contours and weight.

Provides natural prevention against fungi and bacteria. Basically they are anti-bicrobial, anti-bacterial, as well as dust mite resistant. With a traditional mattress, it is a common occurrence for bacteria to grow on the surface, thus causing you various disease, respiratory problems, asthma and other related problems.

Available in 100% organic models, along with a blend of organic and synthetic mixes, giving it additional durability and consistency.

Easy transportation. It is much lighter and easier to transport than a whole mattress, thus making it really an economical way to add the special benefits that latex gives you to accommodate your current sleeping surface.

Keep in mind that a latex mattress topper can vary on price from outlet to outlet, thus it is important to shop around, whether you are doing it locally or over the internet. You can find great sales if you are lucky, many companies offer them throughout the year. However don’t let the sometimes higher price deter you from your intent of purchasing a latex mattress topper. Quality does have its price and considering that it will last you for decades and decades, saving in the wrong place is just not worth it.

Mattress toppers are made of several materials available on the market, such as latex, memory foam, feather and wool. The two most popular toppers are the latex mattress topper and the memory foam mattress topper. There are several reason that people buy mostly the topper made of latex, but mostly because latex is easy to keep clean and dry.

Families with children and pets are probably those that know exactly why a topper made of latex is so important to the household. When children and pets are around, it is quite a hassle to keep the mattress clean, so for them, buying a topper made of latex is the very normal choice. Many people also love using latex mattress toppers in their guest rooms, due to the fact that these toppers allow for a very comfortable and clean rest and sleep for the guests.

Shopping for the best latex topper has its benefits, and it’s important to know where to find the best deals on it. Although it is not very expensive, it is not very cheap either, and in some cases, every penny counts. Also one needs to keep in mind the quality of a good topper. If the topper is torn, punctured or damaged, the mattress topper will have ended its benefits to the user. One should look for think and sturdy latex protection for the mattress it is laying on.

There are several brands and models to be found on the internet, and various consumer magazines offer unbiased consumer reviews which will signal a possible dud among the good ones. So it is very useful to cruise the net for various product reviews, and do not stop at the first one. After all a good latex mattress topper is there to stay for many years to come, it should not be discarded within a year.

Once the best choice is selected, the next step is to go out and buy one. Although toppers can be bought locally as well, nowadays individuals tend to shop online more often then not. One of the best and most reliable sources for Latex Mattress Toppers is on The prices there are many times unbeatable and the selection is quite varied as well.

Latex Mattress Topper is a unique and quite popular material present in today’s market when it comes to quality mattress for excellent comfort. Latex Foam Mattress is simple and easy solution to mattress. It offer right amount softness and support to make you get a comfortable night sleep.

Latex Mattress Insights

One of the reasons the latex mattress is getting acquainted with the backside of so a lot of folks is simply because word has gotten around about how comfortable they are. Go into a bed store and look around at the faces and expressions of persons as they lie down on a latex mattress, and watch how pleased and surprised they’re. This is just a snapshot preview of the way it truly is inside peoples homes when they own their own latex mattress and sleep on it nightly. The sweet satisfaction never ends. When men and women obtain out how the latex mattress contours to their body and virtually removes their mass, taking their aches and pains away with it, they are sold on it like crazy. Try acquiring a latex mattress owner to part with their bed and you might have a real fight on your hands.

Ordinarily an individual wouldn’t be so possessive of his or her bed mattress, but in this case the ballgame is quite a bit distinct. Think of how much time a person spends sleeping in a lifetime. Tough to imagine, but nearly a third of a persons life is spent on their back sleeping. Even though the latex mattress is a small bit much more pricey than other bed mattresses, thousands upon thousands of mattress owners come across it worth it mainly because they wake up additional refreshed and clear-headed, extra energetic, have less pains, and overall have had a significantly much more restful sleep, enabling them to face the every day rigors in front of them. Latex mattress owners also uncover boom shaka laka extra fulfilling and exciting to be certain.

Try this experiment if you’re not yet within the market for the full-out latex mattress experience. Get your feet wet, meaning get a latex mattress topper to test it out and see if the latex mattress experience is for you. You will be spending a lot less, but still acquiring a taste of what it might be like to sleep far more comfortably than you do at present. Odds are that you will be so pleased and satisfied that you will hardly have time for a lot of nights sleeping on your latex mattress topper, opting instead for the complete latex mattress experience, even regretting having bought the latex mattress topper when you could have bought the latex mattress itself initially. But hey, we live and we discover, and at least you ended up with a latex mattress in the end.

Latex mattress pads are also often called latex mattress toppers, they are many times used interchangeably. What they both do is add comfort and protection to your mattress by covering them with the padding. However there is a slight difference between the two. While the topper refers to an additional piece that enhances the mattress level of comfort by having an extra softer layer on top, mattress pads are also a thinner kind of pads, made of cotton most of the times. These pads basically have the job of protecting the mattress for getting dirty. To add to the confusion, they are also sometimes called mattress protectors. Mattress pads can be used directly on top of the mattress, or as an additional comfort option above the mattress topper.

Some of the main characteristics and benefits of the latex mattress pads are that they offer additional pressure point relief to your hips and your shoulders. They are hypoallergenic and come in sizes of 3″ or 5″ thick for extra cushioning. The pillow top pad is sitting perfectly on top of the mattress, which allows it to soften that typical very firm bedding feel.

– Usually in latex mattress pads have the following main characteristics:
– Organic cotton cover
– Usually handmade (the best quality at least)
– Available in the typical standard sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, CA King
– Can be made custom to any size or depth
– A nice mix of latex and wool for the proper luxurious feel
– Approximately 2″ -3″ deep

The quilted cotton top usually is matching the top of the mattress, making the pad seem part of the whole outfit. There are elastic straps that keep the mattress topper in one place, allowing the pad to be easily removed. This way the latex mattress pad adds an additional level of comfort to your bed.

Compare to traditional mattress pads, the latex type do not contain the following harmful elements: bonding agents (like chemical sprays or polyester), formaldehyde, phenols, phthalates, toluene, benzene, silica that contains dimethyl sulfate, artificial vanillin that contains petroleum, pesticides, boric acid, chemical flame retardants, polyethylene and polyurethane.

Having all these advantages in mind, they efficiently protect you from allergens, bacteria and dust mites while at the same time protecting your mattress  from various liquids and stains it might otherwise get.

Various people have asked whether one can use a latex mattress topper on a traditional spring mattress and although generally it is not recommended, it surely can be done, and quite successfully at that. Not everyone can afford a latex mattress to start with, or many people already have their traditional spring mattresses which are still quite good, so it’s not worth throwing them away just to get a new latex mattress to match the topper.

In order to get the most out of this curious combination, you need to make sure that the coil unit is heavy duty enough for it. You might not be able to use a uniform ILD topper (such as Princess and the Pea in reverse), but if you have a latex mattress topper with extra support in the mattress sections that are sagging, you should be good to go. Many folks use extra material under the topper in the mattress area that is sagging. This will fill the empty void. Alternatively you could get a higher ILD in the destroyed area, however you have to keep in mind that the whole topper will be thicker this way.

Your best bet is to get a latex mattress topper with 1″ thickness, in 2 different ILDs. For example 11 and 14 would work well. This way you could put 2 softer sections at the top and the stronger, firmer ones 2/3rd at the bottom, for example. Or just one softer at the top and the rest from the mid down. Make sure you use a tape measure and an electric meat carving knife in order to cut them to the relevant sizes. Once you put them on the mattress, they will stick together quite nicely. Even better, if you have a tight top sheet on the mattress, it will hold them together and make it impossible for the toppers to move around.

So with just a bit of imagination and trial and error, you can successfully use a latex mattress topper on a traditional spring mattress and you will experience quite a high level of comfort for the next years to come (at least as long as the traditional mattress is holding well and doesn’t sag so much that you won’t be able to fit in the void places with anything any longer).


In order to be able to perform well at the work place, it is essential that the person in question gets a fair amount of peaceful sleep. With a view to ensure the same, the use of a topper, especially a latex mattress topper has emerged as a viable option. With the ready availability of the toppers both in stores and online, the process of procurement of the same is relatively simple and requires little or no special effort whatsoever. Therefore, it is highly recommended for people with back problems and joint related ailments to ensure suitable sleeping surfaces which are easily provided by the use of a latex mattress topper.

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